1963.0852 A Painting, B Frame
  • 1963.0852 A Painting, B Frame
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Painting (Portrait)

  • Title:

    Magdalena Douw (Mrs. Harme Gansevoort)

  • Category:


  • Creator (Role):

    John Heaton (Painter)

  • Place of Origin:

    New York, Hudson Valley, United States, North America

  • Date:


  • Materials:

    Oil paint; Linen

  • Techniques:


  • Museum Object Number:

    1963.0852 A

  • Complete Details

Object Number

1963.0852 A

Object Name

Painting (Portrait)


Magdalena Douw (Mrs. Harme Gansevoort)



Credit Line/Donor

Gift of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

John Heaton (Painter)
Heaten is included in Papers, Mary Childs Black, c. 1960-93, Col. 538, The Winterthur Library, The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera.

Place of Origin

New York, Hudson Valley, United States, North America






Oil paint; Linen



Dimensions (inches)

51.625 (H) , 33 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

131.127 (H) , 83.82 (W)

Measurement Notes

H at proper right stretcher. W at bottom stretcher.

Object Description

Text available soon.

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